New Year’s Resolutions

By Evy Lamb, Director

Wow! It’s already 2018! Did last year seem to go by amazingly fast? Did you make new year’s resolutions? How is that working out?

I spent the holidays recovering my health but ended up with the stomach flu. I’m feeling fine now, and am glad to see all my students. We’re looking forward to a great spring! We will have another recital at the end of this semester, and we can look forward to that!

Several students have already shared with me their fun trips during the holidays, and I look forward to hearing more.

All of our teachers have room for a couple more students this spring. If you are thinking of adding a second instrument (or voice), or if you have a friend who is thinking about private lessons, send them to me and we will talk.

Make it your goal for something that you can do in this semester, like “I’m going to know the name of all the notes just by looking at them!” That’s something that each of you could accomplish. Or maybe you want to be better at counting out the music, so you would need to study the note values a little more closely. You could talk it over with your teacher and set the goal together. Your teacher will be delighted!

Wishing you a great 2018! We are so glad you are spending some of your time with us!

Miss Evy


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