Teachers Practice Too

By Broc Hite, Piano Instructor

I posted a little snippet over on Facebook to remind students that teachers practice too, but wanted to elaborate over here on the blog.

My goal has been to become a better pianist and organist, as well as a good example to my students. Who knows, they may hear me play someday. That someday can be next month: I’m giving a piano recital on Sunday, October 14th at 3 p.m. at Central UMC in Rogers, home of Shepherd Music School.

I also have been looking into lots of inspirational and motivational teaching resources, which I typically try myself before rolling out to students. One of these ideas is the 100 Day Practice Challenge championed by Piano Explorer magazine, which you can download and fill out yourself!

While I know that Shinichi Suzuki is most famous for saying “practice only on the days you eat”, I still find it difficult to do every day myself! My actual practice chart shows that I am not perfect: I only practiced two-thirds of the days so far, and that was motivated primarily by a just-completed piano recital in Bella Vista.

All of the instructors practice in some way on a regular basis. Miss Evy leads a handbell choir at church. Miss Jeanette is an active bluegrass performer. Miss Sandy plays for a women’s chorus. Practice is private preparation that makes public performance possible!

So the next time you’re inclined to complain about practicing, remember that we have to do it, too!

Practice Chart


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